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Who would you like to see in club in future?



drums Yamaha Tour Custom 10",12",14", snare 14", bas 22"
stage piano: Technics SX-PX7
bass amp: Ampeg SVT-4Pro + 
Svt 8x10" cabinet 
guitar amps: 2xPeavey Renown 400, Create G130C
piano amp: Crate Power Block +
2x12" cabinet

mixer: Midas Venice 24
adds: EQ Klark Teknik DN 3600
                Quad Gate Klark-Teknik DN514 
                TC M-one
                TC C-300
                 Boss RCL -10

main PA: RCF 4001APro ( 2 x 800 W) + Eminence 2x400 W            
monitors: JBL/eminence - 4 ways      

microphones: D 112, C418, SM57,SM58,Beta58, Beta 57A ,C 3000, C3000B , D3500,PE5EQ,Alphard ET 7DTCV

full set of stands
scene lightning with controller
3x fog machine

in special cases :
organs: Hammond TR-200 + Leslie 760
guitar amp: Marshal JVM-410